Toulouse: Wind, Risk of Hail: Parks and Gardens Closed due to a Weather Alert

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public parks and gardens are closed due to a weather alert, in Toulouse

Thursday 25th April, 2019, the parks and public gardens of the city are closed due to a weather alert. Gusts of wind and hail are expected in Toulouse.

Thursday 25th April, 2019, “due to a weather alert for winds over 80km/h, the parks and gardens of the city are gradually closed from midday,” said the mayor of Toulouse in a statement.

Here is the list of closed gardens for the day:

  • Garden of plants
  • Grand Rond Garden
  • Royal Garden
  • Garden Compans Caffarelli
  • Reynerie Park
  • Félix Lavit Garden
  • Garden of Villa Merican
  • Garden of the Pays d’Oc
  • Sacarin Garden
  • Park Boisseraie
  • Garden of Saint-Éxupery
  • Sacred Heart Park
  • Rangueil Garden
  • Monlong Park
  • Observatory Park
  • Ozenne Park (Croix-Daurade)

Wind and risk of hail

yellow warning for the storms is underway in Haute-Garonne, indicates Meteo France. In Toulouse, it is expected to strong gusts of wind and a risk of hail.

Here are Meteo France forecasts:

The weather forecast for Toulouse
The weather forecast for Toulouse from Meteo France, Thursday 25 April 2019. (© Screenshot / Meteo France)

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