Interview with Emmanuel Macron: Borne, Riots, School, Ecology… What to Remember

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Interview with Emmanuel Macron

RECAP: The Head of State, Emmanuel Macron was the guest of the TF1 and France 2 news from New Caledonia, where he is travelling

  • After his speech last week during the Council of Ministers, before the new Borne government, Emmanuel Macron was the guest this Monday at 1 p.m. on the news of TF1 and France 2.
  • From New Caledonia, where he travels, the President of the Republic returned to various subjects, from the new government to urban violence, via education.
  • The opportunity for the Elysée tenant to list – once again – the upcoming projects.

Right in the middle of the summer vacation, duplex, 20,000 kilometres from the Elysée. We have known simpler as a president’s speech. However, this is the form chosen by Emmanuel Macron, who answered questions from Jacques Legros and Nathanaël de Rincquesen on Monday, during the 1 p.m. news from TF1 and France 2, from New Caledonia, where he is on the move.

What did the Head of State say about the “hundred days” that he himself had set for the exit from the pension reform? On urban violence? The new government? 20 Minutes sums it all up for you.

On the maintenance of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon

“It is the choice of confidence, continuity, efficiency”, lists Emmanuel Macron to justify the maintenance of his Prime Minister, yet weakened by the pension reform. During the “hundred days” that he had established, the government and Parliament have, according to the president, “continued to move forward”. And to list, like last week in front of the ministers, the “projects launched”: employment with France Travail, texts on green industry, nuclear power, the water plan, the teacher pact, the law for justice or the military programming law…

“There are days with and days without,” continues Emmanuel Macron. The government has moved forward, hence this choice of confidence. »

On the absence of an enlarged majority in the Assembly

Elisabeth Borne was in charge of giving a little air to the presidential majority after the battle for pensions, but the “hundred days” did not yield any results. Not serious, retorts the president: “I do not believe in formal coalitions. There is no replacement majority, but there are exchange majorities”. And to congratulate himself: “We had more texts voted in one year than five years ago”.

And Gérald Darmanin who was approached at Matignon? “He does a remarkable job. »

On the next school year and the lack of teachers

Again, Emmanuel wants to be reassuring. “We are recruiting everywhere and if not, there will be contract workers. “We are opening the project to improve teacher training, alongside improving their salaries,” said the tenant of the Elysée.

But also the reform of the professional high school and that of the new baccalaureate, which requires “changes of common sense”, and of Parcoursup, “to make it more human”.

On urban violence

“They were unspeakable, and the return to order prevailed”, Emmanuel Macron enters.

What lessons can be learned from these events? “First order, order, and order”, insists the president. We must work for the “return of authority, especially in families. Dealing with the problem at the source, empowering certain parents”. And “review the policy of distributing difficulties, because they are too concentrated” in certain territories. Finally, Emmanuel Macron returned to the charge on social networks. We must find a “digital public order”, he says.

“At the end of the summer, we will set up major projects. He warns not only the State, but the whole Nation” without further details.

On the anger of the police in Marseille

“I don’t want us to get the wrong debate,” comments the president. You have to hear the emotion of the police, but by enforcing the rule of law for everyone. The internal security forces are there to serve and protect us, they themselves are within the framework of the law. »

Not a word of pronouncement on the methods of the police, or the accusations of racism within it.

On the planned tax cut by the end of the five-year term

Again, the president’s response refers to later: “In the coming weeks, the government will give the details of this decision”.

On ecological planning

First, he welcomes a country “better prepared” than last year in the face of fires and water management.

Then he talks about “long term”: via ecological planning, “at the end of the summer, sector by sector, we will present the transition and the investments necessary” to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. And to add: “We must respond to the climate, but also create more industrial jobs and strengthen our independence”.

On the immigration law at the start of the school year

The goal? “Reduce entries, fight against traffickers, better integrate. »

And how to pass the text? “The Constitution offers several paths, it is the efficiency that the country needs”, concludes the Head of State. He repeats it: “We need efficiency”.

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