The SPA of Saint-Malo has recovered a goat, which she proposes for adoption.

SPA Saint-Malo: Who Wants to Adopt a Goat?

The spa of Saint-Malo has recovered a few days ago a goat, which she proposes for adoption. We usually see adoption ads for dogs or cats at the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals). But it is a goat that the shelter of Saint-Malo has collected for a few days and has proposed adoption since June 16, 2018. The animal was first […]

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A goat wanders on the road in Ducey Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Normandy: A Goat Wanders on the Road between Ducey and Avranches

A goat, visibly lost, created slowdowns Tuesday 22nd May, around 6pm, on the road between Ducey and Avranches. A goat wandered on the road between Avranches and Ducey, Tuesday 22nd May  around 6pm.  The animal was wearing a collar and was panicked. He cut across the road and thus caused slight slowdowns. Motorists managed to capture the goat. Traffic then resumed. A […]

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