In Fougères, the Yellow Vests chained with a second day of blocking.

Fougères: Yellow Vests Back this Sunday, 18th November

The Yellow Vests at Fougères continue with a second day of blockades this Sunday 18th November. The yellow vests had raised the filter dams at the entrances of Fougères Saturday night. Only petrol stations were still closed to motorists. Quentin, the young entrepreneur at the origin of the mobilisation in Fougères was blocking Esso station, boulevard Saint-Germain: “Except some […]

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Yellow vests block traffic on the A13 motorway on November 17, 2018, in Dozulé, Calvados. (© AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU)

“Yellow Vests”: Nearly 283,000 Protesters Yesterday, Still Blockages Today

After the mobilisation of yesterday, blockages orchestrated by the yellow jackets continue in France this Sunday. And some movements are going to last. Nearly 283,000 “yellow vests” protested Saturday across the country against the rise in fuel taxes and the decline in purchasing power, in 2,000 rallies sometimes tense resulting in accidents causing a death and 227 wounded. Seven people are […]

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The yellow vests blocked the four-lane Lorient-Nantes shortly before 10 am

Yellow Vests: The RN 165 Blocked in Both Directions in Vannes

It is done. The city of Vannes is well blocked. Four-way cut in both directions, paralyzed exits, deviations are put in place. It will be very difficult to go shopping on the commercial areas of Vannes this Saturday. The areas of Luscanen and Atlanteix are blocked. The four-lanes are cut. The yellow vests are beginning to be more and more […]

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A protestor killed in Savoie after being hit by a car

“Yellow Vests”: A Protester Killed by a Motorist who Forced a Blockade in Savoie

A protester died Saturday morning in Savoie on a blockade, after being struck by a car whose driver was panicked. A protester died Saturday morning in Savoie on a barrage organised by the “yellow vests” and not declared after being struck by a car whose driver was panicking, said the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner . The driver who was […]

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