Fougères: Yellow Vests Back this Sunday, 18th November

Local News
In Fougères, the Yellow Vests chained with a second day of blocking.

The Yellow Vests at Fougères continue with a second day of blockades this Sunday 18th November.

The yellow vests had raised the filter dams at the entrances of Fougères Saturday night.

Only petrol stations were still closed to motorists.

Quentin, the young entrepreneur at the origin of the mobilisation in Fougères was blocking Esso station, boulevard Saint-Germain:

“Except some bitter people who wanted to force the passage, it went well. Neighbors even brought us wood, coffee and food.

This Sunday morning, November 18, the Yellow Vests returned the cover.

With the same watchword as the day before: installation of very filtering dam at  strategic roundabouts that give access to the medieval city.

The slowdowns started at 9am. They will last all day.

A decision will be made tonight on whether or not to continue the move for Monday


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