Some strikers this morning in Donges.

Donges: The Oil Depot is Blocked by the Strikers

Fifteen strikers spent the day this Friday at the entrances of the oil depot SFDM and the Total refinery of Donges (Loire-Atlantique). They will also be on site tomorrow morning, Saturday. “No truck could not get in or out of the two sites,” explain these drivers of hazardous materials working for Lorcy companies Samat, Hautier etc. The call to […]

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A Strike by fuel tanker drivers from Friday could affect fuel supply problems

CGT strike for Fuel tanker Drivers from Friday

Employees of road transport of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) are required to stop work and strike on Friday, announced on Tuesday the CGT, which launches a “renewable” movement for better recognition of the profession. The strike, at the weekend of the Ascension, in particular affect the oil depots and thus, ultimately, petrol stations […]

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