The yellow vests blocked the four-lane Lorient-Nantes shortly before 10 am

Yellow Vests: The RN 165 Blocked in Both Directions in Vannes

It is done. The city of Vannes is well blocked. Four-way cut in both directions, paralyzed exits, deviations are put in place. It will be very difficult to go shopping on the commercial areas of Vannes this Saturday. The areas of Luscanen and Atlanteix are blocked. The four-lanes are cut. The yellow vests are beginning to be more and more […]

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Pierre Perret is ready to demonstrate with the Yellow Vests

Mobilisation of 17th November: Pierre Perret Alongside the Yellow Vests

Singer Pierre Perret expressed his support for the Yellow Vests, which are mobilising on November 17th against rising fuel prices. Guest of the  Journal Unexpected  on RTL Saturday, November 10 to present  Humor and Freedom , his new album, Pierre Perret who lives in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne) spoke about the mobilisation of November 17against the fuel price increases. The singer took the opportunity […]

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What are the consequences of the fuel protests on the 17th November

Fuel Increase: What are You Risking to Participate in the November 17th Demonstration?

Saturday 17th November, the French are called to mobilise against rising fuel. But as in all events, rules must be respected. We take stock. Difficult to predict the mobilization. But the protest against rising fuel, scheduled for Saturday 17th November, has achieved its first bet: extend to the whole country. Hundreds of calls for mobilisation More than 350 blocking calls and […]

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With more fuel increase, citizens call for action

Fuel Increase: Citizens Call for National Blocking

With diesel prices rising by 23% in one year, motorists are grumbling and mobilising on the web. On social networks, we call for a national block. Motorists are fed up with rising fuel levels on the web. Diesel is poised to catch up with gas prices,  which is already the case in some service stations, and taxes are expected to increase […]

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