Fuel Increase: Citizens Call for National Blocking

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With more fuel increase, citizens call for action

With diesel prices rising by 23% in one year, motorists are grumbling and mobilising on the web. On social networks, we call for a national block.

Motorists are fed up with rising fuel levels on the web. Diesel is poised to catch up with gas prices,  which is already the case in some service stations, and taxes are expected to increase further by 2019.

Call for a national block

On Facebook and Twitter, the announcement of a national blockade on 17 November has spread like wildfire, especially in Toulouse and Paris . In the capital, 28,000 Facebook subscribers have registered, while more than 180,000 say they are interested in the event, Wednesday 24th October.

Calls for blocking are increasing in Reims, Rouen, Vannes and Lorient.

The Facebook event localised as Saint-Brieuc give appointment to the demonstrators Saturday 17th November at 2pm to Tremuson Airport. On the program a snail operation on the RN12 and a filter dam. Some 840 users have registered, while 2,900 are interested.

Same fight on the side of Nantes, with a rendezvous given at the stadium of La Beaujoire in anticipation of  blocking major roads .

The government wanted to send a “price signal”

This national phenomenon is due to the intervention, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Prime Minister in the hemicycle. Questioned by a Member of Parliament, Edouard Philippe spoke of a “price signal” that goes hand in hand with the ecological transition.

“We want to make sure that the constant use of fuel oil is … less simple.”

He added that the price increase is due to 70-75% of the increase in the tariff of the raw material, and that 20 to 25% was due to “decisions made by the government”. Even speaking of “courageous measures” and “accompanying measures”.

Diesel up 23% in one year

At the pump, the liter of diesel is 1.48 euro, a jump of 23% in one year. Moreover, for the price at the pump near you, consult the government website.

On social networks, tweetos ask the executive about other measures to promote the ecological transition:

But they are also annoyed, denouncing a “Parisian vision”, far from the realities of the campaign.

Several thousand signatures online

On the web, petitions flourish and signatures scroll, as on the website Citizaction.  Web user Jean-Marc has already collected more than 25,000 signatures.

On My opinions , Sophie addresses directly to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron and speaks of “strangulation” of the motorist. His petition has more than 64,000 signatories. On the same site, another entitled For a price of fuel capped at 1 € , meets a great success with more than 93,000 signatures.

My Priscillia Ludosky , who launched his petition on May 29, 2018 on www.change.org wins the most votes: some 130,000 people have joined his rage.

At the end of September, in protest against rising fuel prices, the 40 million motorists’ association invited users to send a letter to President Macron, along with the receipt.

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