French climber Alain Robert, nicknamed the "French Spiderman", during his climbing of the Skyper, a 42-story tower in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 28, 2019

The French “Spiderman” Arrested after Climbing a Tower in Frankfurt

The French “Spiderman” has climbed on more than a hundred towers around the world again tried again in Frankfurt in Germany. He was arrested by the police. The French “Spiderman” Alain Robert was arrested Saturday by the Frankfurt police after having climbed without security equipment and without permission a skyscraper of the German financial capital, according to an […]

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Arsenal, Valencia, frankfurt and chelsea are in the Europa League Semi-final

Europa League: Arsenal-Valencia and Frankfurt-Chelsea in Semi-Final

Thursday 18th April 18, 2019, the English Arsenal Chelsea, as well as Valencia and Frankfurt, qualified for the semi-final of the Europa League. England will be represented by two clubs in the semi-final of the Europa League: Arsenal will face Valencia while Chelsea will challenge Frankfurt , after the quarter-final return played Thursday 18th April, 2019. Read also: Champions League: It will be Liverpool-Barcelona and […]

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