D-day for the baccalaureate: the menu of the philo or the French

D-day for the Baccalaureate: On the Menu, Philo and French, with Threat of a strike on Surveillance

While some unions threaten not to monitor the tests, 740 000 candidates spend this morning on philosophy or French tests for the Baccalaureate Today, Monday 17th June, some 740 000 candidates will go through the doors of high schools to sit for their first written test of the baccalaureate, which should take place “normally” according to the […]

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Two new keyboards to aid the writing of French

Computers: AZERTY and BÉPO, Two New Keyboards Designed to Facilitate Writing in French

COMPUTER: The two new keyboards, AZERTY improved and BÉPO, take into account the comfort of writing and the new uses The French Association for Standardisation (Afnor) presented Tuesday the ”  voluntary standard NF Z71-300  ” on computer keyboards . The organisation offers two models in place of the historic AZERTY, reports the HuffPost . The first is an improved QWERTY keyboard, which better adapts […]

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