At the Channel Tunnel, they try and smuggle a migrant in a coffin

Channel Tunnel: They Try and Cross a Migrant in a Coffin

They tried to cross the Channel Tunnel with an Iraqi migrant hidden in a coffin: two Polish carriers were arrested last week in Coquelles in the Pas-de-Calais and sentenced to fourteen months in prison, do we have learned from judicial source. The two road transport professionals from Poland came to the Eurotunnel site on Tuesday, […]

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Eurostar traffic halted due to power failure

Eurostar Traffic Halted in both directions after a Power Failure in the Tunnel

TRANSPORT: The company has “no idea” on the time of resumption of traffic … The users of the Eurostar will have to take their troubles patiently. Traffic train is stopped in both directions as a result of a power problem in the Channel Tunnel , operated by Eurotunnel, said Tuesday a spokesman for the Channel rail […]

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Frieght traffic was stopped due to an intrusion

Channel Tunnel: Freight traffic stopped overnight, 600 intrusions refugees

The traffic of freight trains in the Channel Tunnel near Calais was almost non-existent as a result of the intrusion of some 600 migrants on the site, “Traffic was interrupted about 10pm to about 6.20am“, said a spokesman for the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais told AFP.  Two freight shuttles could were able to travel according to […]

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Trains have resumed at the Eurotuunel after an intrusion by refugees

Traffic has Resumed in Eurotunnel after Intrusion by Refugees

One hundred migrants gained access to the Channel Tunnel in the night. Traffic was interrupted at 0 h 30. It gradually resumed. The traffic in the Channel Tunnel is gradually recovering after the traffic interruption occurred as a result of the intrusion of migrants.  Eurotunnel management has reported this morning, describing the refugees as “massive”,”targeted” and […]

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Calais Port blocked by sailors

Calais: The Port Still Blocked by AG Employees

Myferrylink Sailors refuse the sale of two of their ships to their competitor DFDS … The situation remains tense in the port of Calais, still controlled on Wednesday morning by sailors of Scop SeaFrance, which operate the cross-Channel link for Myferrylink company. “The port is still blocked,” told a source at the port to AFP. […]

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Eurotunnel has sold the ferry company MyFerryLink to DFDS

Eurotunnel sells MyFerryLink ferries to DFDS

MyFerryLink sold to rival DFDS …. The Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel has sold its cross-Channel ferry company MyFerryLink to the rival ferry company DFDS in a bid to end a running battle with the British Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA). Despite Eurotunnel last month winning a Court of Appeal ruling that the Competition and Markets […]

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