Channel Tunnel: They Try and Cross a Migrant in a Coffin

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At the Channel Tunnel, they try and smuggle a migrant in a coffin

They tried to cross the Channel Tunnel with an Iraqi migrant hidden in a coffin: two Polish carriers were arrested last week in Coquelles in the Pas-de-Calais and sentenced to fourteen months in prison, do we have learned from judicial source.

The two road transport professionals from Poland came to the Eurotunnel site on Tuesday, 2nd April, in a van filled with several coffins declared empty, indicating “to make a delivery of coffins in Great Britain” , explained the prosecutor. Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pascal Marconville. But during the systematic checks before embarking a vehicle for England, “an Iraqi national was discovered”, alive and “lying in one of these coffins,” he said.

The two carriers, who were tried in correctional custody after being held in police custody, said they were not aware that the man was in the vehicle. But “the coffin was not accessible from the outside without blowing a lead, this person could not climb en route without the help of drivers,” said Pascal Marconville.

The two carriers were therefore sentenced to fourteen months’ imprisonment for “assisting the stay of foreigners in an irregular situation, by transport (…) in unworthy conditions” . “There are in this case aggravating circumstances, because to make a person lie in a coffin to transport him is not worthy,” said the prosecutor.

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