The issue of immunity and protection against Covid-19 is still poorly understood by researchers.

Immunity, Infection, Contagion: The Answers to your Questions about Covid-19

Are patients cured of Covid-19 vaccinated? Have asymptomatics developed immunity? Are some naturally protected? We take stock. This is one of the points that has mobilized researchers for months. Can we be immune to Covid-19? The question is simple, but science is fumbling. However, leads are starting to emerge. But before discussing them, it should be understood that being immune does not necessarily mean being […]

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China Extends New Years' Leave to Help Contain the Coronavirus Epidemic

Coronavirus: China Extends New Years’ Leave to Help Contain the Epidemic

China has increased the number of victims of coronavirus and is stepping up measures to reduce the risk of contagion. Ten holidays in a row in the midst of an epidemic of viral pneumonia: China extended its long New Year’s holiday on Monday in the hope of delaying the peak in transport and reducing the risk of […]

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