In Brittany, the sea temperature is higher than normal

In Brittany, the Sea Temperature is Much Higher than Normal

In this month of June 2023, the sea reaches high temperatures along the coasts of Brittany. Temperatures are sometimes 3°C higher than seasonal norms. In this month of June 2023, the heat is strong in Brittany. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, the air temperature could rise to 30°C to 32°C between Rennes and Ancenis, and 27°C […]

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A brown bear like those who live in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees: Bears Killed Fewer Sheep This Year (and Men Killed More Bears)

BIODIVERSITY: The prefect of the Pyrenees mountains announces that fewer beasts of animals have succumbed to the claws of bears. He sees the effects of the measures put in place to allow shepherds and bears to live together The Prefect of Occitanie announces that the bears of the Pyrenees have killed fewer animals this year. He attributes […]

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