Toxic bacteria have been found in the lake of Lannénec at Ploemeur

At Ploemeur, Presence of Toxic Bacteria in the Lannénec Lake

A draft bylaw regulates the non use of the lake at Lannénec indefinitely, due to water pollution.  Samples taken last Friday by the Scorff Basin union revealed pollution of the site by cyanobacteria. The Union Scorff basin’s mission is to monitor the water quality of large bodies of water. During the summer months, samples are thus made […]

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The filling nozzles at the petrol stations contain more bacteria than a toilet seat

Health: Filling Nozzles are dirtier than Toilet Seats

The filling nozzles at gas stations are far dirtier than the toilet seat. Difficult to do worse: they are real nest of bacteria, says a Canadian study. But the steering wheel, is also a problem. 17,500 times more bacteria on a service station filling nozzle than on the bezel of your toilet! It is a Canadian […]

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