Possible Links Between the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine and Cases of Thrombosis

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Possible links between the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine and Thrombosis

The European Medicines Agency announced this Friday 9th April, to launch a study on the possible links between four cases of thrombosis, including one fatal, and the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

After AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson? This Friday 9th April, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched a study on the American single-dose vaccine. The safety commission will try to ”  assess information on thromboembolic incidents  ” which have affected people vaccinated.

Three cases were observed in the United States after the authorization of the coronavirus vaccine while a fourth was identified during a testing phase in an unspecified country. “  One of them was fatal,  ” the EMA added. »Within the European Union, the product has been authorized without having been used for the time being. Member countries are expected to start administering it this April.

Some thrombosis links confirmed with the AstraZeneca vaccine

This information comes days after an EMA official half-heartedly confirmed a link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and cases of thrombosis. “  Among those vaccinated, there are more cases of cerebral thrombosis in young people than we would expect,  ” said Marco Cavaleri, EMA vaccine strategy manager for the Italian daily  Il Messaggero.

On March 18th, 2021, the AME reaffirmed that the benefit of the vaccine was always greater than the risks. Same story for the WHO which evokes a balance ”  very largely positive  “. For several weeks, dozens of cases have been noted by the international press. At the latest report, the United Kingdom had 37 deaths for 18.1 million doses. Thrombosis is the result of a blood clot forming in a vein, which can completely block blood flow.

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