Star Academy Singer Lucie Bernardoni Suffers Side Effects after AstraZeneca Vaccine

Star Academy singer Lucie Bernardoni suffers side effects after AstraZeneca vaccine

MUSIC: On Twitter, Lucie Bernardoni pushed a big rant against Emmanuel Macron, and for good reason, at 34, she was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine … which should no longer be administered to those under 55.

Vaccination in France has been criticized for a few months and recent doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine have not helped. Indeed, the use of doses was recently suspended a few days after thrombosis in a few people vaccinated around the world. If the administration of the doses was finally resumed on the advice of the High Authority of Health, it appeared that those under 55 should be vaccinated against the coronavirus with a brand other than AstraZeneca. What worries Lucie Bernardoni, finalist of Star Academy 4.

The young woman, the companion of Star Academy 1 candidate Patrice Maktav, reacted to Dr Martin Blachier’s remarks and gave a rant. ” I just heard him say that no one under the age of 55 has been vaccinated since the resumption of the vaccine. FALSE! I was vaccinated yesterday morning with AstraZeneca, I am 34 years old and have been vaccinated for chronic illness, “she noted. And to continue: ” So, what do we do? I am now, like many people under the age of 55 vaccinated with #AstraZeneca, suffering for 24 hours from many side effects: Fever, bedridden, impossible to are we guinea pigs?“Particularly affected, the one who was very close to Grégory Lemarchal pushed a rant against Emmanuel Macron.

Je viens d’entendre @MartinBlachier dire qu’aucune personne de moins de 55 ans n’a été vaccinée depuis la reprise du vaccin #AstraZenaca #COVIDー19
FAUX ! J’ai été vaccinée hier matin avec #AstraZeneca , j’ai 34 ans et j’ai été vaccinée dans la cadre d’une maladie chronique. 1/2

— Lucie Bernardoni-Maktav (@LucieBernardoni) March 23, 2021

We don’t know what to think anymore”

Lucie Bernardoni, suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome , asked the President of the Republic for a lot of clarity, and above all: the truth. ” Be clear @Sante_Gouv and @EmmanuelMacron! We don’t know what to think anymore, ” she said. And to denounce: ” You send people on #COVIDー19 TV shows to say that #AstraZeneca is forbidden to people under 55 years old. Damn, that’s not true. Most of us are bedridden with this vaccine, and now you us out stuff like you lie!. “fatalist, one that was harassed concluded:” It’s too late, I’m vaccinated, and I have to live with a fear more you ashamed of? “.



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