The Weather in the Charente is forecast for plenty of rain today

Today’s Weather in the Charente: Rain and more Rain

Weather: Grey and Rain forecast all day … Today’s weather in the Charente is not very impressive, according to the latest forecast from Meteo France.  Today we can expect plenty of rain, under the grey skies, throughout the department. Temperatures will still not be too bad for the time of the year, with a maximum […]

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The weather in the Charente is forecast for a wet and windy day, with the possibility of storms

Weather in the Charente: Rain, wind and even Storms

WEATHER: An unpleasant day forecast, wet with strong winds, possibly even storms for the weather in the Charente … The weather in the Charente is not looking good this Friday, with the forecast from Meteo France showing a wet day, with even thunderstorms.  Wind gusts are also expected, though not as strong as in our […]

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The weather in Charente is forecast for another grey overcast day

Weather in Charente : The Greyness Continues

WEATHER: The forecast for the weather in Charente is for the grey overcast sky to persist throughout the region … The weather in Charente is gloomy on Wednesday with a low grey overcast sky, the humidity and a few drops of rain here and there according to the forecast from Meteo France. Temperatures do not vary from […]

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A colder start to the morning in the Charente region of France

Charente Weather: Just 3 Degrees today

Temperature is getting colder in the Charente region … The sky becomes progressively wintry with clouds arriving by the Northwest over the Charente.  There will be a small risk of showers which will persist throughout the day, more so in the afternoon. The wind will be weak over the land, but the temperature is getting colder in […]

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