With the new Stelvio, Alfa Romeo, as usual, has struck a major aesthetic blow.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2020: The Fun Still Exists

Alfa Romeo is upgrading its Stelvio SUV to make it even more efficient and attractive and better position it in the premium world. Its base price starts at € 41,500. The SUV is the fashionable automotive concept combining the improbable combination of Sport and Utility. No wonder that all generalist manufacturers greedily took up this niche! Even prestigious brands such as Porsche and Jaguar have bet on […]

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The 2020 vintage of Alfa Romeo marks the transfiguration of the Giulia.

Car Test: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020, More Refined Pleasure!

Alfa Romeo is upgrading the Giulia to install it in the premium category on a long-term basis, without its price resembling a star’s whim. From € 36,700. Appearing in 2016, the last Giulia had left its mark on a return to propulsion to offer it a deliberately sporty character specific to the Alfa Romeo tradition. Innovative suspension and steering and 50/50 weight distribution […]

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