"The situation remains so fragile that nothing can tip it", warns the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal on the coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus: “We Could Pay Dearly for any Slackening”, Estimates Gabriel Attal

EPIDEMIC: “The situation remains so fragile that nothing can tip it”, warns the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal on the coronavirus epidemic It would be “totally unreasonable” to reduce efforts against coronavirus Covid-19 because the French could “pay dearly for any form of relaxation,” said government spokesman Gabriel Attal on Wednesday. “The situation remains so fragile that nothing can tip it” […]

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Increase in the number of patients in hospital of coronavirus Covid-19 patients in France

Coronavirus: Increase in the Number of Patients in Hospital and Intensive Care

EPIDEMIC: A total of 3,371 patients are hospitalised in the intensive care units across France due to the coronavirus Covid-19 Epidemic The number of hospitalised coronavirus Covid-19 patients , as well as that of patients in intensive care, was on the rise, and therefore remains at a high level, according to figures released Monday by the health authorities. Hospitals received 26,478 […]

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Coronavirus in Moselle: Parents refuse to send their children to school

Coronavirus in Moselle: Parents Refuse to Send their Children to School

VIRUS: Many parents expected schools to be closed in Moselle due to a large amount of positive coronavirus Covid-19 cases The virus is actively circulating in the Moselle department, the most affected in mainland France currently with an incidence rate approaching 300 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On Saturday, the prefect of Moselle, Laurent Touvet, confirmed […]

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Coronavirus: Pfizer vaccine 94% effective, Israeli study finds

Coronavirus: Pfizer Vaccine 94% Effective, Israeli Study Finds

PANDEMIC: In Israel, 2.4 million people have already received their second dose of the vaccine, and the country hopes to have vaccinated its entire population by the end of March. Against the coronavirus epidemic, Israel has bet since mid-December on a massive vaccination campaign. A study carried out on a million people vaccinated shows the efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine of 94%. According to […]

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Janssen wants to test its Covid-19 vaccines on babies and pregnant women

Janssen Wants to Test its Covid-19 Vaccines on Babies and Pregnant Women

Covid-19 vaccines are expected to be tested on six-year-old children and “even on newborns and pregnant women” as trials become more widespread. AstraZeneca, which produces the Oxford covid-19 vaccine, says it is expanding trials to children as young as  six.  The Mail on Sunday reveals that fellow vaccine maker Janssen, part of Johnson and Johnson, is now […]

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Lombardy, a region in northern Italy, announced on Wednesday the reopening from February 15 of its alpine ski facilities

Coronavirus in Italy: The Reopening of Ski Resorts is Blocked

COVID-19: This decision comes as the British mutation of coronavirus now accounts for 17.8% of new cases in Italy Italy has decided to keep ski resorts closed which were to reopen on Monday due to the spread of variants of the coronavirus, including the British mutation, the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday. Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed […]

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Germany closes its borders after fear of coronavirus Covid-19 mutations spreading

Coronavirus in Germany: Berlin Closes Borders and Draws Criticism from the EU

COVID-19: These restrictions were decided on due to fears of the German government of a new wave of Covid-19 contaminations from the British and South African mutations of coronavirus Germany on Sunday closed some of its borders, with the Czech Republic and Austrian Tyrol, in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19, sparking criticism from the European […]

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The first photo of the planet Mars taken by the Hope probe

Space: The “Hope” Probe Sent its First Image of the Planet Mars

RED PLANET: Are you interested in a sunrise on Mars? The probe “Hope” the United Arab Emirates sent its first image in March, days after its entry into orbit around the red planet, said Sunday the National Space Agency. The image was taken on Wednesday, a day after the Emirates successfully placed their probe, called “Amal” in Arabic (Hope in English), around […]

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Haven, a game "made in France" for the feast of lovers.

Video Game Test. For Valentine’s Day, Discover Haven, a Role-Playing Game and Romance

Developed by the French studio The Game Bakers (Montpellier), Haven takes us on a dreamlike and romantic adventure on an unknown planet. Ideal for Valentine’s Day. Created in 2010 in Montpellier, by former Ubisoft employees, The Game Bakers studio was illustrated in 2016 with its fighting game “Furi”, as brilliant as it is difficult. The tricolour studio returns with an even […]

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Meteo France places 35 departments on orange alert for snow and ice

Snow and Extreme Cold: Meteo France Places 35 Departments on Orange Alert

WEATHER: Meteo France is expecting up to 5 cm of snow on the departments on an orange alert, a phenomenon followed by freezing rain Part of France is placed this Thursday on an orange alert for snow, ice and extreme cold by Meteo France, while the east of the country is facing freezing temperatures, up to -20 […]

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