Coronavirus in Belgium: “For the First Time in Weeks”, All Indicators are Down

PANDEMIC:  Very affected by the coronavirus epidemic, Belgium went from first to 14th position in Europe in number of infections The coronavirus epidemic shows encouraging signs of decline in Belgium welcomed the health authorities. All indicators are down in this country that has been reconfigured since the end of October to fight against Covid-19 . “For the first time in weeks, if not […]

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The port of Tianjin, near Beijing, China.

Coronavirus: Contaminated Frozen Food Imported in the Sights of China

EPIDEMIC: Two cold chain workers from Tianjin port in China were infected recently with coronavirus China reported Wednesday two employees in the cold chain, frozen food industry have been contaminated with coronavirus Covid-19 in Tianjin (north), in a context of growing mistrust vis-à-vis imported frozen food, linked to several outbreaks. The country has contained the epidemic since the spring, thanks […]

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Coronavirus: 500,000 transparent masks for early childhood professionals

Coronavirus: 500,000 Transparent Masks for Early Childhood Professionals

PROTECTION: Transparent masks For the staff of nurseries, micro-creches and childminders gathered in the homes of childminders during the coronavirus epidemic Some 500,000 transparent masks will be distributed to staff of nurseries and homes for childminders (MAM), announced Tuesday the Ministry of Health and the Secretary of State for Children who wish to “initiate a movement of equipment professionals by […]

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The coronavirus vaccine has not yet been validated as politicians are already speaking out in favor of its obligation. A good idea ?

Coronavirus: Should a Future vaccine against Covid-19 be made compulsory?

EPIDEMIC: The coronavirus vaccine has not yet been validated as politicians are already speaking out in favour of its obligation. A good idea? This Monday, the hypothesis of finding a vaccine against the coronavirus was reinforced by the announcement of a vaccine candidate 90% effective. Shortly after this announcement, politicians launched the idea of ​​imposing a future […]

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The weather forecast for Nice this Thursday 12 th November

Weather in Nice: Forecast for Thursday 12th November 2020

WEATHER FORECAST: Today in Nice, clouds will not want to give way to the sun. Scattered rains will fall. Temperatures will be 15 ° C in the morning and 16 ° C in the afternoon … Today, the sun will be hidden behind clouds in Nice, where the weather will be hazy. The morning will take place under a […]

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Orlando Bloom sets his sights on vintage 1973 green Porsche worth $115,000

Orlando Bloom Sets His Sights on Vintage 1973 Green Porsche Worth $115,000 After Welcoming New Puppy

Orlando Bloom seems to have set his sights on a new car – a vintage 1973 green Porsche worth $115,000 (around £87,000). The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 43, was spotted checking out the retro ride in a local garage in Montecito, Califronia. Hopping from one Porsche to the other, Orlando was seen braving the […]

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More than 35,000 new cases of coronavirus Covid-19 were recorded in France on Wednesday 11th November

Covid-19: More Than 35,000 New Cases Recorded in the Last 24 Hours in France

As of Wednesday 11th November, the country has 328 more covid-19 deaths than the day before and hospital services still have to cope with a growing number of patients. While Prime Minister Jean Castex must make a progress report, Thursday 12th November 2020, after almost two weeks of confinement, France has registered 35,879 new cases of coronavirus Covid-19 in the last 24 […]

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The mayor of Nice wants tighter controls against coronavirus

Coronavirus in Nice: Benches and Blue Chairs Dismantled … Estrosi Tightens the Screw to “Save Christmas”

HEALTH CRISIS: The mayor, Christian Estrosi, also asks the prefect to institute a new curfew in Nice to contain the coronavirus To avoid regroupings, the mayor of Nice announced that the foundations of the promenade des Anglais and some benches would be dismantled on Thursday. Christian Estrosi also calls for the establishment of a new curfew. […]

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Single-use surgical masks can actually be washed and reused according to a test by UFC-Que Choisir.

Coronavirus: It is Possible to Wash and Reuse Surgical Masks 10 Times According to UFC-Que Choisir

Your wallet and the planet will thank you if you wash and reuse your surgical masks against Covid-19 Not so disposable after all. According to  UFC-Que Choisir, surgical masks used as a barrier for the coronavirus Covid-19, are reusable many times over. “  Our express test on three models purchased in supermarkets and drugstores shows that after ten machine washes […]

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The European Union has placed a order for the Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19: the European Union Will Order 300 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Vaccine

The vaccine from pharmaceutical group Pfizer would reduce the risk of getting sick from the Covid-19 virus by 90%. The European Union is preparing to sign for 300 million doses. The announcement by pharmaceutical group Pfizer that its vaccine against Covid-19 would reduce the risk of becoming ill with the virus by 90% raises immense hope around the world, with the United […]

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