Macron pronounced the longest wishes of the Fifth Republic: “2023 will be the year of pension reform” – “Faced with a new COVID Epidemic, the Vaccine has Proven its Worth”

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Emmanuel Macron New Year message to the French

Macron pronounced the longest vows of the Fifth Republic with a duration of more than 18 minutes.

Emmanuel Macron speaks on TV channels and radios: For the sixth time, I have the honour to share my wishes with you. Let’s live in 2023 in a united and united country, respecting everyone’s place. I never lose sight of this imperative of national unity. Through these seasons of danger, what has remained constant is our collective ability to meet these challenges together. We have supported growth, contained inflation at lower levels than our neighbours, we have continued to create jobs and quality jobs.

If we continue to conserve energy and continue to recommission our nuclear reactors as planned, we will get there. The rise in energy prices will remain capped in our country.

Faced with the epidemic of new wave of COVID, we will be able to cope thanks to vaccination, which has shown its effectiveness. But also thanks to barrier gestures.

This year will indeed be the year of a pension reform which aims to ensure the balance of our system. The objective is to consolidate our pay-as-you-go pension system, which would otherwise be threatened. The lengthening of our working hours will be gradual.

Let’s keep control of our borders and the unity of the nation.

It is through our work, our commitment that we must overhaul our major public services. It is through our work and our commitment that we will build a fairer society. Equality between women and men, the great cause of my two five-year terms will continue to fuel the work of my government.

The main injustice that undermines our country remains family determinism, the too-low social mobility.

I want to say to our Ukrainian friends: we respect and admire you. During the coming year, we will be unfailingly at your side. We will help you until victory and we will be together to build a just and lasting peace. Count on France and count on Europe.

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