Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Down: Apps Crash for Users in UK and Europe

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Facebook Messenger is down as app crashes for users across UK and Europe

Facebook and Instagram users are reporting a sudden outage in across Europe and parts of the UK today, 10th December

London appears to be the worst affected area in the UK, according to the website DownDetector. The site monitors usage patterns across various online services and started receiving reports of problems at around 9am this morning.

Facebook Messenger also appears to be affected. The outage is also being felt in Europe with users in France, Belgium and Poland affected. There has been no official word from Facebook or Instagram surrounding the cause of the problems.

But plenty of users have confirmed they are having problems over on Twitter.

None of the services run by Facebook have officially acknowledged any problems, so it’s likely this is just a hiccup at the moment. So far WhatsApp, which is also run by Facebook, doesn’t appear to be having any problems.

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