Is That You in this Video? Especially Do Not Click on this Messenger Virus!

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Hackers use Messenger to spread their new scam.

This is the new scam that runs on Facebook Messenger. Hackers send a corrupted video file to all of your contacts to recover their personal data. Caution.

Long ago! With an unceasingly renewed imagination, the hackers struck again on Facebook. It is via Messenger that they deploy their last scam in recent days.

How do they do it? By sending your contacts a corrupt video file with these simple words: “Is it you in this video? ”

On reception, there is a great temptation to click to see what it is about, right? Do not do it!

I clicked, what’s going on?

By clicking on the video, you are sent to a malicious site, which will try to take control of your account. And this site will then send the file to all your Messenger contacts who, if they open it, will also send it to their contacts and so on.

In the end, it gives a number of potential astronomical victims!

Twitter alerts…

Many Internet users have testified in recent days after receiving the corrupted video. This is the case of  Mounir Mahjoubi , the former Secretary of State for Digital:

And on Facebook

On Facebook, several gendarmeries also alerted Internet users. As in Indre where the gendarmes warn Facebook users: “If you receive this private message, you are probably dealing with an identity thief”.

What to do with this video?

If you receive this message, the first thing to do is not to click! You must quickly contact the person who sent it to you to inform them that they have been hacked.

If it is too late and you have opened it (not good), change your password by going to your Facebook account settings, in the “security and connection” section.

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