Starlink: SpaceX’s Internet Network will Soon be Launched in Beta

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Starlink, the internet service from SpaceX in Beta within 6 months

STARLINK: SpaceX plans to launch first public tests of Starlink internet network in just 6 months

As the world slows down because of the coronavirus, SpaceX seems to be doing quite well. The American astronautical company is pursuing its Internet network project in space more than ever. It has also just launched a new launch of around sixty nanosatellites.

According to Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, a first private beta of Starlink is possible in three months. Initially, only employees of SpaceX and Tesla and their families will be able to use the Internet in Earth orbit and only in the United States. They will be able to provide detailed feedback on their personal experience in order to make any adjustments before a public beta launch. Elon Musk estimates that the first public trials can be launched within 6 months.

Currently, the Starlink project accounts for 420 active satellites positioned between 1,100 and 1,300 km from Earth. A distance that already allows you to see the machines with the naked eye in the sky, but SpaceX would like to be able to bring them closer to our planet in order to improve the performance of its future Internet network.

Thousands of satellites

Indeed, SpaceX has filed a new request with the FCC, the US Federal Communications Commission, in order to be able to have more satellites at a distance of 570 kilometres from Earth. This would take advantage of the Earth’s atmosphere to eliminate space debris and thereby reduce the risk of collision with other spacecraft placed in orbit. A request that SpaceX had already made in April 2019 for a limited number of nanosatellites. Here, we are talking about being able to place many more in low Earth orbit.

Ultimately, the Starlink project should count just over 4,400 satellites placed all around the Earth in order to offer an Internet network to the whole world, even to isolated populations.

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