“Koh Lanta”: “It’s Terrible” … Denis Brogniart Reacts to Sara’s Medical Abandonment

Sara, in Koh Lanta, the island of heroes.

TELEVISION: “Koh Lanta”: “It’s terrible” … Denis Brogniart reacts to Sara’s medical abandonment

Something dramatic in Koh Lanta. Sara, the game’s iconic adventurer, was forced to leave the game due to a medical decision, during the fourth episode of the special island of heroes season broadcast on TF1 on Friday.

It is in tears, and alongside some of his acolytes also in tears, that the fifty-something whose slogan is “There is no fatigue that is”, had to resolve to say goodbye to his dreams of victories. Sara injured her abdomen during the comfort test. She tried to endure the pain but her condition was incompatible with the skills required to stay in the game.

“She is a warrior, a fighter”

“All the medical abandonments touch me, but I had never felt such emotion as when I had to say goodbye to Sara,” confides  Denis Brogniart. “It’s terrible. She is for me concentrate of what a valiant adventurer of Koh Lanta is. She is the first and only woman to have successfully made a fire. She is incredible in the trials. She has the mind, the ability to motivate others, to be a leader. She gives 120% of what she has. She is a warrior, a fighter, “says the host, who has” deep admiration “in her.

For him, like no doubt for many viewers of TF1, Sara, “will remain an emblem of Koh Lanta  “. The adventurer’s first participation dates back to 2012. She was forced to drop out on the eleventh day because she suffered from a double ear infection. Two years later, in the new edition special season, she had been eliminated during the first council before returning to the game following the abandonment of another candidate and being eliminated in the following council.

The departure of Sara, however, benefits another iconic adventurer from Koh Lanta. Teheiura, eliminated at the end of the third episode by the red team will, therefore, return, within the yellow team.

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