“Copy and Paste” Inventor Larry Tesler Dead

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"Copy and Paste" inventor Larry Tesler dead

A graduate of the Stanford University in California, the American computer scientist, Larry Tesler has worked at Yahoo, Amazon and Apple, where he participated in the design of the Macintosh.

It is a computer control that you have necessarily used at least once in your life. The very popular “copy and paste” is now an orphan: its inventor, Lawrence “Larry” Tesler, died at the start of the week at the age of 74.

The American printer manufacturer Xerox, for whom the computer scientist then worked, announced the news on Thursday 20th February 2020 on his Twitter account.

“Your working day is easier thanks to its revolutionary ideas. Larry passed away on Monday, please join us in honouring his memory, ”wrote the printer manufacturer on Twitter.

The origin of  ctrl+c / ctrl+v

Born in New York in 1945, the man who worked for Apple, Yahoo and Amazon was a graduate of the prestigious Californian university Stanford in Silicon Valley. He was particularly specialized in the interactions between humans and machines.

In 1973, he was inspired by the historic technique which consists in cutting portions of printed sentences and fixing them elsewhere with adhesive tape to create his famous keyboard shortcut “ctrl + c” then “ctrl + v”.

Larry Tesler is also behind the “find and replace” manipulation. So many computer commands that have revolutionized our use of computers, as recalled by Xerox on his Twitter account.

During his time at Apple from 1980 to 1997, recalls RTBF , the American computer scientist also participated in the design of the Macintosh model and in the development of the Newton MessagePad, the ancestor of the touch pad. 

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