.Com Domain Names Should Soon Double in Price

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.Com domain names should soon double in price

WEB: An increase of the .com domain names that is linked to the policy of Donald Trump

When Donald Trump assumed the presidency, the latter announced his intention to end the price control policy established by his predecessor, Barack Obama. A decision that has many repercussions, especially on the price of domain names. Indeed, the latter had been frozen in 2012 by Obama, but that is about to change.

The American company VeriSign, which has the exclusive right to sell the most popular domain names in the world (the famous. Com), wants to increase its prices. A desire that she tried to have accepted with ICANN, the company for the allocation of domain names and numbers on the Internet. An agreement which, according to ICANN , respects the policy of the Ministry of Commerce on which it depends.

VeriSign wishes to unfreeze the price of .com, stuck at 7.85 dollars annually since 2012, and increasing it by 7% per year. In a few years, the price of the domain name. com could double. A forecast that could also be made for domain names .net, .name, .web and .jobs that are also under the control of VeriSign.

The increase of 7% per year will be effective for 4 years before stagnating for two years and then increase again by 7% per year for 4 years. In 2026, the price of a domain name. com will cost 10.26 dollars.

For current domain owners. com, the price of 7.85 dollars is locked for up to 10 years, which should limit their frustration.

VeriSign justifies itself

For its part, VeriSign will have to pay $ 4 million over the next 5 years from January 1st, 2021 in order to contribute to the costs of operating ICANN. The latter justifies this amount by indicating that these are the costs that it will have to assume to “conduct, facilitate or support activities that preserve and improve the security, stability and resilience of the DNS”.

The agreement found between VeriSign and ICANN angered other domain name owners who saw it as an accomplice, as well as an effective monopoly. Unfortunately, this agreement is supported by the entourage of President Trump. ICANN claims to respect the choices of the Ministry of Commerce by authorizing private companies to increase their prices.

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