Loire-Atlantique: What is this Bizarre Roundabout Inaugurated North of Nantes?

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In the Loire-Atlantique, Bizarre Roundabout

The Loire-Atlantique departmental council officially inaugurated its “peanut roundabout” on Tuesday

A crossroad “very specifically fitted out”. And that’s the least we can say. This Tuesday, in Nozay in Loire-Atlantique (between Nantes and Rennes), a strange roundabout was officially inaugurated. If the department was already known for the roundabout with the dubious look of the Haye-Fouassière, it is this time the shape of this new crossroads, nicknamed “peanut roundabout”, which is likely to make speak.

To justify this achievement at 720,000 euros, the community explains in particular that this roundabout meets a safety requirement: routes 121 and 771 intersected “in bayonet”, that is to say that the two axes which cross the departmental road did not face each other, forcing motorists to take a few meters before turning again. This arrangement also aims to regulate the speed of motorists, who will surely be surprised by this strange configuration. “In the event of a departure from the road, the traffic signs are fitted with” fusible “masts, which fold or give way at the time of impact”, specifies the department.

An economic roundabout

Finally, the departmental council is pleased to have limited the land acquisitions for this peanut roundabout. He adds that a traditional roundabout would not have been compatible with the creation of a carpooling area, right next to it. For the record, recycled materials were used for this site, and in particular those recovered “during the restoration of the RD 281 in Notre-Dame-des-Landes”.

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