Waze Launches a Winter Mode to Report Snow on the Roads

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If a road is snow-covered or has been cleared of snow, Waze users will be notified immediately.

The community GPS navigation application, Waze has just launched a new feature that allows drivers to report snow-covered or snow-covered roads. Explanations.

Waze is adorned with snow tires. The driver assistance application, in the form of community GPS navigation, has just launched a brand new feature – and season! – for its users: the reporting of snow-covered roads or déneignées.

Make driving “safer”

The principle does not change the rest: in addition to accidents, broken down vehicles, traffic jams, work and risks related to bad weather, users can now warn if traffic lanes are congested by snow and, if, once cleared, they are again passable.

Once broadcast, the information will allow other drivers to take the necessary precautions (slow down, equip their tires with snow chains, etc.), or even plan another route.

Jérôme Marty, Managing Director of Waze France, stresses:

“Our priority is to save people time and make driving safer. With this new feature, we allow the 13 million Wazers in France to approach the holiday route much more serene.”

Real-time weather alerts

In addition, prevention messages are issued according to the exact weather where the “Wazer” is located (rain, snow, ice or heat) or in case of alertness weather (storm, storm or flood).

Julie-Alexandra Bertolino, communication director of GMF, partner of this tool, explains:

“We analyze automobile accidentology in the territory and study their circumstances through different sources of information, from the risks related to the weather, to level crossings or to bidirectional roads without separator.”

The goal: “identify risks on the road” and then send personalized messages to users. “Thanks to Waze’s technology, we are able to spread these prevention messages at the right time, in the right place and to the right people,” she says.

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