The Most Disgusting Foods are Exposed in Nantes: Small Selection of Pictures to Compose your Menu

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Most disgusting foods exhibition in Nantes

Wine with young mice, cheese with larvae, bat soup … Do you like it? The museum’s “treasures” of disgusting food from around the world are to be seen, smelled and even tasted in Nantes. There is something for every taste!

Testicles of bulls, wine to mice or epoisses: disgusting foods for some but delicious for others are presented in an exhibition in Nantes that explores the links between our culture and food habits. RTL has made a most unusual slideshow.  “One of the really fascinating things about the notion of disgust is that it’s really determined by our culture: the things you grew up with, you’re going to find them delicious and often something foreign, weird and different you will look disgusting, “ said Samuel West, psychologist and curator of the exhibition” Disgusting Food Museum “.

The most disgusting foods exhibition in Nantes
The most disgusting foods exhibition in Nantes (Photo AFP)

This museum, born in Sweden a year ago and has already travelled to Los Angeles, also aims to  get people to realize that we must move towards new sources of protein better for the environment, such as insects or laboratory-grown meat, said director Andreas Ahrens.

A bag for vomit

In addition to the free visit of the exhibition, presented in Nantes until November 3rd, before leaving for Las Vegas, it is possible to taste for 3 euros of fermented shark flesh or beaver anal gland liquor. On the menu too: testicles of bulls, hearts of cobra … One can see the reproduction of a wooden table used in China to eat monkey brain. Among foods from around the world, French cuisine is well represented with steak tartare, snails, Roquefort, epoisses or foie gras, judged morally disgusting by some because of its manufacturing process. Best of all, you can open jars to smell most foods.”When you enter this exhibition, you are given a bag of vomit as entrance ticket,” warned the project director of “Voyage à Nantes”.

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