Multi-Function Radars Deployed near Lorient, a New “Nightmare” for Motorists?

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The radar was installed in the direction Plouay-Lorient, along a road limited to 80 km / h.

Three new generation radars, called turret radars (at a height of four meters), were recently installed in Caudan, Marzan and Locqueltas, near Lorient. They can potentially verbalize other offences than speed.

A new generation radar, called the turret radar (which is at a height of four meters), was installed Tuesday afternoon, along the departmental road 769 (Lorient-Roscoff axis), in the direction Plouay-Lorient, just after the end of the expressway at Saint-Séverin, in Caudan. As indicated by the prefecture, it will not be put into service right away. Trials will first be conducted. This axis is limited to 80 km/h.

Two other radars of this type were installed this summer in the department: one at Morbouleau locality, Locqueltas, on the axis Vannes-Saint-Jean-de-Brévelay (departmental road 778); the other on the departmental road 139 (Arzal-Péaule) to the Pigeon-Vert, in Marzan.

A 36 million pixel camera

This radar perched on a mast, called Mesta Fusion 2, with the purpose of replacing the old radars, questions or worries motorists. Because it does not just spot speeding offences (in both directions of traffic).

The 36-megapixel camera can potentially make it possible to check for the lack of wearing of the belt, the uninsured vehicles, the use of the phone, the non-respect of the safety distances.

It is efficient and can monitor up to 32 vehicles over 200 m long. You will not see any flash since it is infrared and invisible.

And some radars are decoys … In the end, in fact, only an average cabin of 5 will house an automatic control unit (the cabins are interchangeable).

On social networks, some already intend to destroy them. As a reminder, Article 322-2 of the Penal Code states that the degradation of a radar gives rise to a fine of 45 000 € and to 3 years of imprisonment.

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