Maine-et-Loire: The Missing Teenager was Found Dead

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Maine-et-Loire: The Missing Teenager was Found Dead 1

Djabir Abdelmanane, a 15-year-old boy who has been missing since 16th June 2019 in Angers, was found dead at the end of July in Savennières (Maine-et-Loire).

Djabir Abdelmanan had been missing since the 16th June 2019, when he left the family home in Angers (Maine-et-Loire).

The police of Maine-et-Loire had launched, on the 24th June, a call for witnesses to find him. The 15-year-old had disappeared for more than a week.

Without a phone, ID, or money, he was gone with a backpack and his bus card.

DNA analysis

On the 28th July, a body was discovered in a barn in Savennières, south of Angers, reports The Courrier de l’Ouest .

DNA analysis revealed, Friday 9th August, that it is indeed Djabir Abdelmanan.

An investigation is underway. The circumstances of the teenager’s death are still unknown.

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