Vincent Lambert Case: For his Parents, his Death “Is Now Inevitable”

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The parents of Vincent Lamber on May 9, 2019 in Reims.

In a letter, Vincent Lambert’s parents “resign themselves” to let their son go. They will not file any further appeal for his life support.

“The death of Vincent” Lambert, tetraplegic in a vegetative state for more than 10 years, “is now inevitable” and “we can only (resign ourselves),” said Monday 8th July 2019 his parents in an open letter communicated to the AFP by their lawyer.

“This time it’s over”

“This time it’s over. Our lawyers have multiplied these last days still the recourse and carried out final actions to enforce the suspensive appeal before the UN which benefitted Vincent. In vain, “write Viviane and Pierre Lambert, as well as Vincent’s sister, Anne Lambert, and her half-brother David Philippon in this letter to their” friends “who” supported them so much “.

The doctor of Vincent Lambert, hospitalized with the CHU of Reims after a car accident in 2008, committed Tuesday 2nd July 2019  a new stop of the treatments, effective since Wednesday evening. This decision was made possible on June 28 by the Court of Cassation. The medical protocol includes the stopping of hydration and nutrition by patient probe as well as “deep and continuous sedation”.

“Vincent’s death is now inevitable. It was imposed on him as on us. If we do not accept it, we can only resign ourselves to pain, misunderstanding, but also hope.”

“There is nothing left to do but pray”

“We all wanted to thank you for your friendship, your love, your support, your prayers for all these years. There is nothing left to do except to pray and accompany our dear Vincent, in dignity and meditation. You are with us all by thinking and praying with Vincent, “they say.

The wife of Vincent Lambert, Rachel, as well as six of his brothers and sisters and his nephew Francis,  have been pleading the opposite for years against any “harsh treatment” and to let die man become the symbol of the debate on the end of life in France,

Sunday, the father of Vincent Lambert had denounced, arriving at the CHU, “the assassination” in progress of his son.

On his Facebook page, the group “I support Vincent”, also opposed to the cessation of treatment, called for a rally in Paris Monday afternoon, in the presence of Me Jerome Triomphe and Jean Paillot, the parents’ lawyers.

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