Tarn: He Makes Advances to Her in the Street, She Ignores Him, He Hits Her Violently

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In the Tarn, 12 months prison after aggression against a woman

AGGRESSION: The main perpetrator of the young woman in the Tarn was sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment at the end of this weekend, with four months suspended.

Street harassment turned to aggression on May 18th in Castres, in the Tarn. And it cost the attacker of the blows who was sentenced on Thursday to a year in prison, including four months suspended. On the day of the incident, a young woman who was waiting for her boyfriend was approached by a 22-year-old man who had been drinking. He began with heavy phrases, extolling the charms of the young woman.

The latter preferred to ignore it. What the young man did not bear reports La Dépêche in his columns. While she was behind, he kicked her in the leg and hit her in the face.

Her boyfriend arriving at the same time, rushed at the attacker to stop him. But two of his friends were in the area and took him to task. Warned by the young woman, the police arrived on the spot and put an end to the abuses of the three men.


The victim got away with bruises and five days of ITT, her friend with three days off.

At the bar of the Criminal Court, the man explained that when he drank he tended to skid. For this gratuitous violence, he was sentenced to twelve months of imprisonment, with four months of which is suspended, his accomplices were sentenced to four months prison according to the regional daily.

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