“RCS”: Google Launches its Messaging Service to Replace SMS

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Google launches "RCS", a messaging service supposed to replace SMS

This new messaging service, RCS, allows users of Android devices to access more features

Google is about to launch an instant messaging service to replace SMS, as has already done Apple with its iMessages. Called “RCS”, this technology will be installed directly in the Messages application on Android devices, reports Presse Citron.

The new service will provide users with more options, such as sending multimedia files or stickers. Google has chosen France and the United Kingdom for the launch of this technology this month. But telecom operators do not yet support technology.

Partial encryption of data

Google, therefore, offers users in both countries to benefit from RCS through its own servers and not those of operators. The goal is to put pressure on them to get up to speed quickly. Once the new service is set up, owners of Android smartphones will see a dialog box that will allow them to accept or not to use the new method of messaging.

By accepting, users will then benefit from all the new features. If during an exchange, one of the two people does not use RCS, they will receive classic SMS instead. On the other hand, unlike other services of the same kind, the data will not be fully encrypted …

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