Video Games: Micromania Launches an Online Gaming School in Partnership with the Gaming Campus of Lyon

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Micromania Launches Online Gaming School

This gaming school will be accessible to all types of players, from beginners to more experienced.

This is an announcement that should delight the most assiduous gamers  . Micromania-Zing and the Gaming Campus of Lyon, a campus dedicated to the video game industry in Lyon , have joined forces to open an online school .

Called Gaming School, this training will be offered in Micromania stores on the 27th but and on the Micromania site from June 10th. It is open to all, regardless of your level in video games, reports FrenchWeb .

“Better to play the general public”

All students, beginners as experts, will be supervised by 15 teachers, each expert in a game. The training aims to help players to improve and improve their technique, but also to train some people to the trades of the industry video games .

“Learning and development is an integral part of the world of players,” says Laurent Bouchard, General Manager of Micromania-Zing. “Just like you train to play tennis or the piano, it is very relevant to train and apply it to the video games. “

The Gaming Campus of Lyon wants to put “all the expertise” of its faculty at the service of customers Micromania-Zing shops , according to Thierry Debarnot, co-founder of the Gaming Campus. “This fits perfectly with our overall vision: to make the general public play better. “

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