La Chapelle-des-Marais: Barbecue Fire Spreads to the Garage, Five Cars Destroyed

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La Chapelle-des-Marais: barbecue fire spreads to the garage: five cars destroyed

Fire from a barbecue caused extensive material damage in the early afternoon in La Chapelle-des-Marais.

Shortly before 1 pm on Friday 31st May, La Chapelle-des-Marais firefighters were put on alert for a fire that was 200 meters from their emergency and response centre.

Everything started from a barbecue fire at private homes, near the Perrière roundabout, which has spread to a hedge next to the Renault garage.

Behind this hedge were five cars, four of which were destined for scrap and a pile of old tires. The danger was great between the house, the garage and the businesses and businesses located in the business area.

Under the leadership of Captain Laurent Denoual of Saint-Nazaire, the fire and rescue centers, Pontchâteau, Herbignac, Missillac and Saint-Nazaire, in addition to the marsh-chaplain center, intervened with three spears It took at least that to protect the house on one side of the hedge and put out the fire of the five vehicles on the other side.

If a person was slightly inconvenienced by the smoke, the fire did not cause any casualties.

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