Ligue 1. The Draw between Toulouse and Lille offers the Title to Paris Saint-Germain

No goal and a draw for the match between Toulouse and Lille this Sunday, April 21, 2019.

The TFC hosted Lille in the framework of the 33rd day of the League in Toulouse, this Sunday 20th April, 2019. A scoreless meeting during which the Toulouse have fought well.

The Toulouse football club players received the team Lille (North), dauphine of PSG, this Sunday 20th April at 3pm, at the Stadium, as part of the 33rd day of Ligue 1.

Toulouse offensive in the first half

At the beginning of the match, it was Toulouse who monopolised the ball. In the 14th minute of the match, Durmaz, for the Violets, strikes and unfortunately finds the top of the right post of Lille goal .

Rather offensive, the Toulouse keep pressing for the first thirty minutes of the match. But Lille are waking up and Toulouse begins to lose bullets and struggles to get back into the opposition camp.

At the break, the two teams are back to back. Upon resumption, the LOSC takes the bull by the horns: the 54th minute huge play Fonte, whose shot along the goal line in Toulouse.

A first goal … cancelled

The first goal comes at the 62nd minute and it is signed by the Lille Thiago Mendes. A goal immediately cancelled by the referee , for a hand from Lille Ikoné.

Lille keep up the pressure, but Toulouse are rebelling and are even dangerous. Witness the new post of Violets, following a key signed Gradel at the 83 th minute.

No goal and PSG champion!

At the end of the match Lille camp on the Toulouse side and multiplies assaults. But the defence of the TFC resists and the meeting ends on the score of 0 – 0 . Because of this result the PSG automatically becomes champion of France even before having played tonight against Monaco. For Toulouse, this is a point more on the clock.

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