Bordeaux: The Yellow Vest Wounded in the Head, Placed in an Artificial Coma. His Wife Testifies

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In Bordeaux, Yellow vest injured by police in a coma

In Bordeaux, during the demonstration of yellow vests, a man was hit in the head by the police. Operated urgently, this volunteer firefighter has since been in a coma.

I have been “flooded with calls and messages” since this weekend. Cindy, resident of Bazas, near Langon ( Gironde ), is the wife of the man who was hit in the head by a projectile of the police, during the demonstration of the yellow vests, in Bordeaux , Saturday 12th January.

Since the incident, Olivier is in the hospital center of Pellegrin , plunged into an artificial coma.

“He was bathing in the blood”

His wife says:

“I was with him in St. Catherine Street. At one point, we did not take the same lane. After a quarter of an hour, I retraced my steps. This is where I saw a medical team around a man. I understood that it was him. He was bathed in blood”

As she approaches, Cindy discovers “a hole between the temple and the ear”. Evacuated and transported to the hospital, Olivier undergoes a scan that reveals a cerebral hemorrhage. Operated in emergency, he was then placed in an artificial coma.

The volunteer firefighter was mobilized in Bordeaux, 15 days ago

Father of three children, Olivier is a volunteer firefighter . A fortnight ago, “he was at the demonstration of yellow vests to treat the wounded”. “I did not imagine that such a thing could happen,” laments his wife, also a volunteer firefighter for twenty years.

Cindy testifies:

Saturday, we went to the demonstration of the yellow vests on principle. Because we agree with this mobilization. We just went there to scroll. Olivier thought we were safe. I am horrified to see such behavior, I do not admit this gesture

“To our children aged 6 and 8, I tried to explain to them in words that they can understand, says the mother. Our youngest, 2 year old, still believes his dad is with the firefighters. ”

At this point, it is still too early to know if Olivier will have sequelae. I was told he was not going home right away, Cindy blows. Once we wake up we’ll know. I was told it would be long. And it was serious. ”

The IGPN seized by the prefect

The prefect of New Aquitaine , Didier Lallement , has seized the General Inspectorate of the National Police ( IGPN ) to “shed light” on this case. To date, we do not yet know the nature of the projectile that affected Olivier.

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