Camus College Honors graduates in Dieppe

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Camus College in Dieppe honours students

On Friday 20th November, the Camus College in Dieppe hosted its third-year students to give them their college diploma.

On Friday 20th November, the Camus College in Neuville-lès-Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) welcomed its former third year students for the graduation of the brevet des collèges .

In all, 56 students received certification of their abilities during a good-natured ceremony.

Sixteen mentions

Twenty students received their certificate of general training , 13 for the SEGPA and 7 for the general stream.

28 students were awarded their national diploma of the patent.

Sixteen of them even got it with mentions (six very good, seven good and three good enough).

Finally, eight students also earned their certificate of professional competence.

After graduation, students, parents, staff and teachers came together for a convivial snack.

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