Women’s U20 World Cup: Spain breaks Bleuettes Dream

France's Marie-Antoinette Katoto (d) has just missed a penalty against Spain in the U-20 World Cup semi-final on 20 August 2018 in Vannes

The French women’s team lost in the semi-finals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, against Spain (0-1), Monday 20th August 2018 in Vannes. Summary.

Spain has ended the dream of crowned World Bleuettes , who missed a penalty, winning (1-0) the semi-final of the U-20 Women’s World Cup Monday, August 20, 2018 in Vannes, and will face Japan in the final.

A cathedral of silence stunned the stage when Marie Antoinette Katoto, approached to take the penalty kick in the 74th .

At 11 against 10 yet

France was then led 1-0 but Spain was changing to ten since the expulsion of midfielder Aitana Bonmati two warnings (66th ).

Announced as the fatal weapon of the tricolor, but little success since the beginning of the competition, the center-forward of Paris SG has unfortunately pulled in strength but too much in the center, just where the guardian Catalina Coll was.

The last twenty minutes, including additional time, have not changed anything. The Bleuettes often too messy approaching the goal, have once again lost against their pet peeve, which had already frustrated in the final of Euro U19 last year (3-2).

A real disappointment for these girls who are hoping to be part of next year’s World Cup played in France.

They had started the game well, on the same basis as against North Korea in half, with a good organization, determination, a willingness to defend by advancing and tightening their opponents to the nearest.

Faced with Sandy Baltimore and returning Emelyne Lawrence, Bleuettes regained percussion to the image of a face-to-face with Lawrence lost the Spanish guardian (14th ).

Sandy Baltimore of France (d) wrestling with Spain's Damaris Egurrola in the women's Under-20 World Cup semi-final on August 20, 2018 in Vannes (Morbihan).
Sandy Baltimore of France (d) wrestling with Spain’s Damaris Egurrola in the women’s Under-20 World Cup semi-final on August 20, 2018 in Vannes (Morbihan). (© AFP / FRED TANNEAU)

Japan to challenge

But Spain has never lost control of the game, letting the blue furia to better impose his dominance of the ball.

The beginning of the second period confirmed this scenario of a growing grip of the “Riojita”, which quickly found the flaw.

On an innocuous touch, the Spaniards managed to center in a bell, and the French defense, a little passive, let the ball rebound and it is finally Patricia Guijarro, the most voluntary action, who took the head again to take Chavas to the wrong (1-0, 50 th ).

3rd place against England

It was the sixth achievement for the top scorer of the tournament, who had already been the executioner of Bleuettes a year ago at the Euro with a double, including a goal at 90 + 4.

The Spanish, which is only the third participation in the World Cup, but who dominate women’s football in this age category at European level, will seek a world title against Japan.

The Japanese have once again made a great impression by easily beating 2-0 England may be blunt, but mostly stifled by an unfailing opponent organization.

The final will be played Friday in Vannes, preceded by the match for third place between France and England.

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