Strawberries and Apricots: why the French are Disappointed by the Taste of Fruits Sold in Supermarkets

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According to a survey of the CLCV, only 32% of consumers are satisfied with the taste of strawberries, and 31% with the taste of apricots bought in supermarkets.

According to a survey, only 32% of consumers say they are satisfied by the taste of strawberries, and 31% by the taste of apricots sold in supermarkets. Details

The taste , that’s a lot! survey conducted in July 2018 by the National Association for the Defense of Consumers and Users (CLCV) reveals that for many consumers, strawberries and apricots bought in supermarkets lack taste.

Nearly 900 consumers in 25 departments blindly tested French and Spanish varieties of both fruits. According to the CLCV, only 32% of consumers are satisfied by the taste of strawberries.

“As for apricots, the participants are 42% satisfied by the overall quality and 31% by taste, but nearly 42% find that their taste is not very pleasant or unpleasant.”

Variable results according to the varieties

French satisfaction is highly dependent on variety. Ciflorette strawberries top the list, while Gariguette is the least popular. Yet these two varieties are sold at similar prices, notes the CLCV.

The price is not a guarantee of satisfaction

As for apricots, the origin France is not a label of quality. In comparison with French apricots, “Spanish apricots are more satisfying to consumers (35% like the taste of Spanish apricots, compared to only 28% for French apricots)”, the association explains in a press release :

“The French strawberries, they satisfy a little more testers but are on average almost twice as expensive as the Spanish strawberries.”

The average price of French strawberries tested was 10.90 euros per kilo, and 5.60 euros per kilo for Spanish strawberries, while the average price of other origins (Belgium, Holland, Germany) was 9.20 euros .

And it does not improve!

Along with this summer survey, the CLCV conducted an online survey. Only 13% of respondents are satisfied with the quality in general of the fruits sold in large and medium stores. “These consumers evoke a lack of taste, maturity and conservation of fruits sold in supermarkets,” concludes the CLCV.

“Every year since 2010, we observe similar findings regarding the taste and satisfaction of the consumers participating in the tastings.”

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