Normandy: 35 Driving Licenses Withdrawn from August 10th to 12th on the Roads of Oise

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In front of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, it is the speeding gendarmes found on the roads of the Oise, last weekend

More than half of these driving licenses withdrawn in the Oise, result in particular, from driving under the influence of drugs or under the influence of narcotics.

While on the week of August 6th to 12th, 2018, still four serious accidents were found on the roads of the department of Oise, the mobilisation of the police force was intense the last weekend, on this same road network.

It is clear that it was not useless since from Friday evening August 10th to Sunday evening August 12th, it is nearly 300 offenses of all kinds that were found and sanctioned by gendarmes and police mobilised on requisition of  Louis the Franc, the prefect of Oise.

15 drunk driving

They are broken down as follows:
• 15 driving under the influence of alcohol including 11 criminal offenses,
• 12 driving under the influence of narcotics ,
• 37 non-CSA speeding (fixed speed radars), seven of which exceeded 40 km/h above of the maximum allowed, and two over 50 km/h,
• 230 other offenses.

35 licenses removed

In the end, these numerous infringements of the Highway Code resulted in thirty-five retentions of driving licenses.
In the same way, the police force immobilized a vehicle, in the framework of the application of the law of 2011 of orientation and programming for the performance of the internal security (known as ” LOPPSI 2″).

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