Cancers, Genetic Mutations … Tattoo Inks May Contain Toxic Substances

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Tattoo inks may contain toxic and carcinogenic substances

According to a European agency, tattoo inks may contain toxic substances that cause cancer, genetic mutations and impair reproduction.

It’s a fact: That the tattoo is in vogue. In Europe, 12% of the inhabitants are tattooed. But behind these pretty motives that run along the skins hides a rather worrying reality, as specified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), an organization linked to the EU.

In a study published in early August and relayed by France Info , it ensures that tattoo inks can contain dangerous substances. These “cause or are suspected to cause cancer , genetic mutations, reproductive toxicity , allergies or other detrimental effects in humans and animals”.

Oil, heavy metals, additives …

The pigments used for tattoos were originally intended for textiles, plastics, printer inks, and even automotive paints. Thus one can find residues of coal and oil, heavy metals and additives, directly in the skin, since the tattoo is to inject the ink in the dermis, so that it is permanent (the epidermis regenerating always).

However, there is no link between tattooing and cancer , says ECHA, which proposes a restriction on more than 4000 substances. The European Commission will decide before the end of the year.

The tattooist must know the substances he injects into your skin

In the meantime, the European Chemicals Agency recommends that tattooed persons and those wishing to be tattooed should inquire from tattoo artists about the origin of inks.

“The professional must buy his products from a source that complies with the REACH regulation (adopted by the EU to protect health and the environment against the risks of chemical substances) and must be able to describe to you the chemical substances that it injects into your skin, including details of where they come from, potential health risks, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.”

If you have any doubts about an existing tattoo, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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