World Cup 2018: They Did It! Les Bleus Win France a New Title of World Champion

World Cup 2018
France are the new World Champions in World Cup 2018

FOOTBALL: The France football team beat Croatia (4-2) in the final of World Cup 2018 on Sunday …

WORLD CHAMPIONS !  Twenty years later, the Blues have given this magical moment to their country, thanks to their wide victory against Croatia on Sunday (4-2). We must not stop at the score, it was extremely laborious, and it took a lot of details condensed that turn in their favor, but the Blues finally got rid of Croats we did not expect as frisky, and who have cracked from the hour of play. The France team holds its second star. We have chills everywhere, and it’s terribly good.

No event control

Fortunately for les Bleus history does not hold the way. Because before the hour of play, they played their worst game of the tournament, maybe tied with the first against Australia, even if the opposition was different, of course. The feeling of nothing controlling that settled in the very first minutes of the match has never faded. Les Bleus had not appeared so lost, so borrowed, so slow to relax, for a long time. They left the ball to the Croats, as they had done in their previous matches against Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium, but without this control of the events that had made their great strength.

In all that, we still have not found how but France has turned in the lead at halftime. Crazy, when we think back. Mandzukic deflected a Griezmann free-kick in the first half of the match in the Croatian side (18th). Benefit from two csc in a World Cup, it had happened once before in history … And it was already the team of France, four years ago. The Blues then continued to be eaten in all duels, conceding logic equalizer, signed Perisic (24th). They were back in front of ten minutes later, with a penalty from Griezmann obtained thanks to the help of the VAR, Nestor Pitana who hesitated for a long time to consult (38th).

Hugo Lloris said it would take a bit of success to win, les Bleus have had a whole cargo on this first period. The sequel turned to anything. Always dominated and febrile, except Umtiti we must really point out, the French have made the break thanks to two arrows Pogba (59th) and Mbappé (65th) from outside the area. At 4-1, the case was bent, we could start the parade. Except that no. Lloris, impeccable since the beginning of the tournament, tried to dribble Mandzukic in front of his goal. The thing he never does, and he must not even be able to explain himself. Croatian goal, therefore (69th), and another twenty minutes to suffer.

It has been, in fact. It must be said that the Croats came out of three extensions. They tried everything, beautiful, but did not have much in the socks. And then came this moment … The final whistle. The most beautiful sound we heard at a stadium. The deliverance was immense, the total happiness, at the height of the pain that was this match.

Enjoy! You never know when it will come back

There will be time to talk about individual destinies, from Mbappé, who begins his career with the biggest title on the planet, Deschamps who becomes the only third man in history to win this title as a player and coach. But it’s not time yet. The time is at the party.

Those who were too young or not born in 1998 will be able to make their own memories of a France that wins, and the jubilation that only a World Cup can generate. This is only football? Perhaps. But there is only football, then, to put a country in such a state. Imagine the madness, right now everywhere in France. Enjoy! You never know when it will come back.

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