Sarthe: 22 People Rescued by Firefighters at a Campsite near Le Mans

Local News
Near Le Mans, in Neuville-sur-Sarthe, gendarmes and firefighters had to evacuate 22 people. (© Illustration.)

It is not always good to be a camper in Sarthe these days. In Neuville-sur-Sarthe, gendarmes and firemen intervened at the campsite.

The Sarthe has not finished with the consequences of the storms and heavy rains of recent days. This Wednesday 13th June, 2018 still, the gendarmes had to intervene in a campsite, in Neuville-sur-Sarthe, near Le MansBefore firefighters carry out evacuations.

It was the gendarmes of the Savigné-l’Evêque brigade who went to the municipal campsite shortly before 11 am on Wednesday 13 June.

Intially, firefighters were dispatched to evacuate 22 people in a boat.

The rescued people were taken care of by the town hall of Neuville.

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