Emmanuel Macron to Pope François: “Les Bretons, c’est la Mafia Française”

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Emmanuel Macron describes Bretons as the French Mafia

During his visit to the Vatican on Tuesday, June 26, Emmanuel Macron joked with Pope François, considering the Bretons as “the French mafia”. Outcry on the Internet.

The little sentence is pronounced on the tone of humor but it passes with difficulty in Brittany . So that Emmanuel Macron met Pope Francçois for the first time at the Vatican , Tuesday, the President of the Republic has released this statement:  “The Britons, it is the French mafia”.

“There are Bretons everywhere”

By presenting to Pope François Jean-Yves Le Drian , Breton Minister of Foreign Affairs (and former President of the Region), Emmanuel Macron jokes:

“It’s a Breton. There are Bretons everywhere. The Bretons are the French mafia.”

To which Jean-Yves Le Drian adds: “But we have a moral. ”

See the footage in this CNews video : 

Reactions on social networks

Words that make react on social networks, especially that Emmanuel Macron committed on Thursday 21st June in Brittany to a vast “Breton pact ” . He then greeted the Bretons and their “spirit of conquest”.

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