Weather in Normandy: A Stormy Afternoon

Local News
Thunderstorms this morning but the risk of showers and even thunderstorms will then be more and more pressing across Normandy

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather will deteriorate during the day in Normandy, with a stormy afternoon forecast …

This Friday 25th May, 2018, the 145th day of the year, it is not a very cheerful forecast for the whole of Normandy according to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France.

The morning looks better than the afternoon. This Friday will begin indeed under the clear sky which will become cloudier during the morning, then the risk of showers will be more pressing after the lunch, and even more at the end of the day where they will become stormy .

This also explains that the temperatures will remain at a relatively high level. Météo France announces 10 degrees at the end of the night and up to 25 degrees at the best of the afternoon.

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