Strike at the SNCF: 250 Million Euros of Losses Since the Beginning of the Movement

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The strike at the SNCF has cost the company 250 million Euros losses

The strike at the SNCF which started on April 3rd, with two days out of five on strike has cost the SNCF nearly 250 million euros, announces Patrick Jeantet, CEO of SNCF Réseau.

The railway workers’ strike to denounce the reform of the railway sector has cost the SNCF nearly 250 million euros since the beginning of the movement, said Thursday the CEO of SNCF Réseau, Patrick Jeantet.

It is estimated today about twenty million euros per day of strike […] the loss we suffer,” said Patrick Jeantet on Europe 1 adding that this sum was “considerable” .

Since the 3rd April, the four unions representative of the railway company (CGT, Unsa, South and CFDT) observe an intermittent strike, with two days out of five work stoppage, against the government project providing inter alia the opening of the sector competition and the end of hiring the status of railway worker.

Seventh episode of disengagement

She was entering this Thursday in her seventh bout of disengagement. The CEO of SNCF Réseau estimated, after twelve days of strike, that the “order of magnitude” losses was “250 million euros” .

The railway company, however, notes a shortness of movement. The rate of reporting agents who announced their intention to strike for this Thursday was 29.8% compared to 32.2% on April 24th, “last working day comparable to the situation of tomorrow, May 3rd” , according to the direction.

The SNCF announces a proportion of drivers (52% against 77%), controllers (40% against 61%) and controllers (23% against 38%), a significant decrease compared to the beginning of the movement.

Railroad representatives received May 7 by Édouard Philippe

In detail, the SNCF provides Thursday one TGV out of two, a Transilien out of two, two TER out of five, a train Intercity out of three, as well as three out of five trains internationally .

Representatives of the railway workers on strike, who have stopped since April 19 to participate in consultation meetings with the Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne , will be received on May 7 by the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

Patrick Jeantet said that the SNCF also meets these organizations bilaterally. “We make sure that the end of the tunnel gets closer,” he said.

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