The Prince of Monaco is Sponsoring Mayenne Piano Competition

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Prince of Monaco sponsering Mayenne Piano Competition

Albert II, who also bears the title of Duke of Mayenne, has agreed to award that should bear his name at the Mayenne International Piano Competition on Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May in Mayenne.

Albert II, who also bears the title of Duke of Mayenne, has agreed to award an award that should bear his name. It will be awarded to one of the 63 young pianists competing from 18 countries who will perform Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May in Mayenne. The prince has also been invited, but has not yet responded to the organizers.

This is a recognition for the organizers of Mayenne International Piano Competition , whose 11th edition begins this on Friday 4th May. “We sent a letter to Prince Albert II of Monaco, who is also Duke of Mayenne, to ask him to sponsor the contest,” said Philippe Vert, president of Forte Piano, the organising association.

Prize of 1,000 €

On Monday, the sovereign “has agreed to support us, granting a prize of € 1,000 that I will attribute to whom I judge worthy to receive”. And he is invited to also attend the opening concert, which will take place on Friday night, given by Manuel Vieillard, the winner of the competition last year, before the 63 young pianists in the competition of 18 nationalities.  The Prince has not yet given an answer .

The Minister of Culture also a supporter

And it is not the only prestigious support that has received the Mayenne international competition, because the Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen, also agreed to sponsor the event, where she will be represented this weekend.

From Friday 4th to Sunday 6th May, in Mayenne. Opening concert Friday at 8:30 pm at the theatre.

Prices range from 10 Euros to 15 Euros.

The competition playoffs start on Saturday, 8:30 am to 8 pm, in the Far North; Finals, Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm at the Municipal Theater. Free entry.

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